Membership Requirements


Requirements to become an associate Member:

  • 10 Points Total

Requirements to become a member:

  • Be enrolled in or complete ACTG 213

  • Minimum cumulative & Accounting GPA of 3.0

  • 15 Points Total

    • Must obtain 6 points from meetings minimum (Professional)

    • No more than 10 points per group (Professional/Volunteer)

  • $100 One-time Initiation Fee


  • Be an active member

  • 25 Points Total

    • Minimum of 8 points from meetings (Professional)

* One meeting equals one point / One volunteer hour equals one point

* If, for any reason, an applicant believes he/she cannot meet these requirements due to unusual circumstances or has not been accepted for membership, he/she may appeal in writing to the Executive Committee.

Lundquist College majors and minors with financial need and in good academic standing may apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of annual dues for their membership in one Lundquist-affiliated club. The application is open weeks 1-5 of fall, winter, and spring terms. Applications can be submitted at here.