Member Benefits

What are the different opportunities and benefits that arise once you are initiated as a member of Beta Alpha Psi? As a member of BAP, you will be eligible for various scholarships. In the last year, we have created a way for our members to gain hands-on experience in consulting and internal auditing. 

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BAP to MACC Scholarship

Interested in the Masters of Accounting program? As a member of BAP, you are eligible to receive a scholarship specifically for the MAcc. 


Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning is an accounting consulting group that works directly with start-ups and small, local businesses to make their transition into the business world smooth and efficient. 


Internal Audit Group

For the first time, Beta Alpha Psi has been given the opportunity to pair with the University of Oregon's Internal Audit Office to gain hands-on, professional experience. Members of the BAP Internal Audit Team assist in performing policy and procedure audits throughout the term.